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Janet Bridgers

Janet Bridgers has been an environmental activist for over 40 years, became a co-founder of Earth Alert, a media-oriented 501(c)3 in 1984, and has been deeply involved in issues including marine mammals, coastal issues, recycling and solar energy, among others. A writer and publicist of long experience, she also wrote and produced a series of documentaries: Sand, Sun, Oil & Gas (SSOG); a documentary of oil and gas issues along the Santa Barbara Channel coast; a second entitled Ormond Beach, Wetland Wonderland, concerning an important coastal wetland in Ventura County, California; Sharing the Channel, regarding the Santa Barbara Channel’s past and present as a maritime culture; Stories of the Spill: How Santa Barbara’s Beach Catastrophe Became A Lesson in Democracy; andHeroes of the Coast the Documentary.

Since 2004, Bridgers has also collected over 60 interviews with coastal activists for a series called Heroes of the Coast, including an exclusive hour-long interview with California Coastal Commission Executive Director Peter Douglas. The series includes interviews with Ellen Stern Harris, Dorothy Green, Sylvia McGlaughlin, Don May, Joe Bodovitz, and others who have made significant contributions to California’s coast and bay protection movements.

Janet has served on the board of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA). Established in 1972, it is one of the country’s oldest solar educational organizations. She is a founder of the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS) which opened in Albuquerque in August 2008.

Patrick Wall

After more than 10 years of extensive travel worldwide, Wall became a high-profile Greenpeace volunteer. He spent three months in a Japanese jail for freeing dolphins, was arrested in Newfoundland for spraying baby harp seals green and climbing smokestacks to protest acid rain.

Janet and Patrick launched International Eco Features Syndicate in 1982 and established Earth Alert in 1984.In the mid-80s, Wall became involved in public access TV production, and from there, documentary production. In May, 1988, he received an Emmy award for a documentary on pollution in Marina del Rey. The documentary helped educate county officials who then made decisions to help reverse the problem.

Patrick passed away on March 1, 2014, at the age of 69.

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