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With news from the growing edge of the renewable energy revolution and reports on the war between big oil and clean energy technology.

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Photo Gallery

(l to r) Janet Bridgers, Lois Arkin, founder of Eco Village in LA, and Catherine Leach, Janetís partner in Gaia Communications and later publisher of Country Connections.

In the mid 90s Earth Alert became the fundraising support for the work of two close friends Catherine and Britt Leach, publishers of Country Connections an award winning publication covering environmental and progressive social issues. In this picture, Patrick and Britt Leach shiver in the mountains of Los Angeles.

During one "Clean Sweep" in West Hollywood, a spring cleaning event, Earth Alert enlisted the help of a rock band appearing at a club on West Hollywoodís Sunset Strip.

In about 1997 Janet Bridgers helped Lois Arkin save Eco Village in Los Angeles.

Patrick Wall of Earth Alert, a Los Angeles area environmental group co-sponsoring the recycling campaign, admires one of the seedlings that were donated to recyclers.

During the late 80s and 90s Earth Alert founder Patrick Wall was very involved in issues in the city of West Hollywood, CA. His involvement in the rent control organization Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) lead to its endorsement of Councilman Sal Guanillo who has remained on the West Hollywood city council ever since. Here Janet Bridgers, Sal and Bridgers' Mother, Mrs. Frank Bridgers, prepare for a ride in a West Hollywood city parade.

Many PR campaigns were conducted under the auspices of Earth Alert and Gaia Communications. Including one for the Student Conservation Association. 

Earth Day 1990 in Malibu, CA, saw the Earth Alert concept art piece ìHanging by a thread from a three-piece suit.î


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