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Environmental News Resources

Earth Alert salutes these other environmental news resources. Each of them is doing great work to provide reliable information on environmental issues the world over without the resources of the major news organizations that dominate mainstream media.

E: The Environmental Magazine is a bimonthly clearinghouse of environmental information, news and resources. In its 16th year of publication and a 13-time Independent Press Awards winner and nominee, E covers topical environmental issues, as well as green lifestyle. Its website offers searchable archives without registration or fee. It is itself a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, independent of direct affiliation with any other environmental organization.

Earth Island Journal has been published for 18 years by Earth Island Institute, which was founded by David Brower in 1982 and proudly takes an activist position in its news coverage. The Journal has been awarded six Project Censored awards for the Earth Island Journal, the first tree-free magazine in North America. Its online archives currently extend back 10 years.

The Environmental News Network began in 1993 as a monthly print publication called "Environmental News Briefing," and created its website at www.enn.com in 1995. In addition to its website, ENN produces several environmental radio programs syndicated across the United States, including EarthNews Radio and ENN Radio, hosted by ENN Publisher, Jerry Kay. It describes itself as 'not an activist publication', instead trying to present information from all sides, that enables its audience to make informed decisions. Its website includes searchable archives with what ENN says includes 40,000 articles.

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